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QListWidget multi-column problem, really in trouble !!!

  • QListWidget multi-column problem, really trouble !!!
    is there any problem to show multi-column in QListWidget?
    i have to use QListWidget, because i want to preview the picture files in IconMode.
    and i didnot find IconMode in QTreeWidget or QTableWidget.
    ps. i use QAbstractViewItemDelegate in QListWidget to make item painting custom.

  • Hi,

    to help you we should see the code that is not working

  • sorry, but i can't show u the code.
    as i said, i want to use QListWidget because i want to preview in IconMode. Meanwhile, i want to dynamically preview in ListMode but with multi-column(confilicts here, because the QListWidget only support 1 column).

    1 solution is when IconMode i use QListWidget, when "ListMode" i use QTree/QTableWidget, but this is very ugly...and not elegant at all...

    can i preview as IconMode in QTree/QTableWidget ?

  • Hi,

    using a standard QListWidget in IconMode i get this


  • i know, that's why i use QListWidget.
    but when switch to ListMode dynamically, i want more than 1 column......

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