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Link problem again

  • Hello i'm under linux and i need to use Archive - An Archive library for Qt, reading the instruction that are:
    Linking to the library
    By default, Archive is built as a static library and needs to be linked in to your application.
    To do this set the ARCHIVEHOME environment variable to the directory containing the src/ directory and include the file archive.pri in your project file:
    @include( archive.pri)@
    i have set the ARCHIVEHOME printenv return:
    than in the pro file i have add:
    @include( archive.pri)@

    But i can't do:
    @#include <Archive.h>@

    What is missing


  • Hello i heve solved using this:
    @LIBS += -L/home/luca/Scrivania/Luca/Pacchetti_C++/archive_1_0_6/lib -lbarchive
    INCLUDEPATH += /home/luca/Scrivania/Luca/Pacchetti_C++/archive_1_0_6/include@

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