Problems with installing qt creator on ubuntu 14.04

  • Hi !
    I have a problem with installing Qt Creator on Ubuntu. When I install Qt Creator through Ubuntu Software Centre I get an application error. In terminal it looks like this:
    Starting process: "/usr/bin/cmake" "--help"
    Błędna instrukcja (core dumped)
    So i tried qt creator online and offline installers, but there i get an installation error when doing the default installation. After ignoring errors the installation is complete but Qt Creator is not working.
    These are the errors I get:

    Error during installation process (qt.54.gcc):
    Execution failed(Crash): "/home/sarge/Qt//Tools/QtCreator/bin/sdktool addQt --id qt.54.gcc --name Qt %{Qt:Version} GCC 32bit --type Qt4ProjectManager.QtVersion.Desktop --qmake /home/sarge/Qt/5.4/gcc/bin/qmake"
    Error during installation process (qt.54.gcc):
    Execution failed(Crash): "/home/sarge/Qt//Tools/QtCreator/bin/sdktool addKit --id qt.54.gcc_kit --name Desktop Qt %{Qt:Version} GCC 32bit --toolchain x86-linux-generic-elf-32bit --qt qt.54.gcc --debuggerengine 1 --devicetype Desktop"
    Error during installation process (qt.54.android_armv7):
    Execution failed(Crash): "/home/sarge/Qt//Tools/QtCreator/bin/sdktool addQt --id qt.54.android_armv7 --name Qt %{Qt:Version} for Android armv7 --type Qt4ProjectManager.QtVersion.Android --qmake /home/sarge/Qt/5.4/android_armv7/bin/qmake"

    How can I make Qt Creator work?

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    The path looks dubious at best. Are you sure you are giving the installer a good path to install to?

  • I think so. I didn't change a thing. Installer used the default path.

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    Make sure you have the dependencies:

    sudo apt-get install build-essential
    sudo apt-get build-dep qt5-qmake

  • Done. First dependencie was already there in the newest version. Second one got installed. But Qt Creator still isn't running.

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