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How do I configure Linux Qt 5.4.1 for Windows target?

  • I downloaded and installed Qt 5.4.1 (Community) on my Linux Mint 16 Computer. Tried an example which worked correctly.

    Then I wanted to configure it to cross compile for the Win32 platform. I have not been able to figure out how to get that to work.

    I attempted to download the MinGW compiler following instructions I found at: How do I configure Qt for cross-compilation from Linux to Windows target? I used MXE at: but the version was different from the documentation on either site (I think). Qt did not find the compiler, so I tried to configure it manually, but have no idea how to finish that.

    I don't know the path to the MinGW compiler, what the executable filename is, or if that got installed correctly, or if I need it.

    I have looked at numerous other posts about configuring Qt kits, but nothing makes sense or matches what I have.

    How can I configure it for a target platform of 32-bit Windows?

    My computer is a Gateway 64-bit machine with a quad core Intel processor and my Linux Mint 16 is the 32-bit version.


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    For Windows binaries, it's best to compile on Windows directly - much less hassle.

    You do need the MinGW compiler, and you need to know the path to it. Then you need to cross-compile Qt itself using that compiler. You need a clean copy of Qt source code (not from Qt Maintenance Tool!)..

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