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qt tree view select parent row only

  • Hi All,
    hope someone can help me out for this. Sorry if my terminology is incorrect my basic QT is self taught, so I might misuse.
    Basically I have a tree as follows ( say 3 objects )
    | |---------------a
    | |---------------b
    | |-----------------a
    | |-----------------b

    If my tree view is not expanded and I try to find what OBJECT is selected I just highlight and get the row ( see below ) so OBJECT A returns 0 B 1 C 2. However if I expand A,B,C and say read OBJECT C sub object a it returns 0 rather than 2. How can I make the subobject return the "master" row? Thanks.
    How I read now

    QModelIndexList returned_rown;
    QItemSelectionModel *select = ui->treeView->selectionModel();
    returned_row = select->selectedRows();
    /*no row selected*/
    if( returned_row.size( ) == 0 ) return;
    unsigned int row = 0 ).row( );

    [edit: add missing coding tags: 3 `before and after the code SGaist]

  • Determining the 'line' selected in 'Item selection' can get quite involved so here's one quick example that might that help you can build upon. One thing I do when using QTreeView is the following.
    My apologies if my braces are misaligned (this editor tool is cumbersome).

    First, when an QTreeview Item is selected this 'event' is called:

    First, I define the following in my TreeViewTestClass class (*.h file) :
    void setDataChanged(const QItemSelection&, const QItemSelection&); // for SIGNAL/SLOT

    Then, in the implemented code (*.cpp file) I do the following :

    TreeViewTestClass::setDataChanged ( const QItemSelection &old, const QItemSelection &new)
    QString selectedText[10]; // 10 column QTreeView Table (example)
    QString showString [10];
    QList<QModelIndex> list;
    int n=0;

    // First get 'current index' for the TreeView widget:
    const QModelIndex index = ui->treeView->selectionModel()->currentIndex();

    // Then, create and test the selection model to see if it's valid.
    if ( index.model() != NULL)
    if ( index.isValid() )
    list = ui->treeView->selectionModel()->selectedIndexes();
    if (list.size() !=0) {
    selectedText[0]= ui->treeView->selectionModel()->selectedIndexes().at(0).data(Qt::DisplayRole).toString();
    // assumes 'n' is the TreeView 'key'
    n = ui->treeView->selectionModel()->selectedIndexes().at(1).data(Qt::DisplayRole).toInt();

    	// -- find out hierarchy level of the selected item
    	int hierarchyLevel =1;
    	QModelIndex seekRoot = index;
    	while(seekRoot.parent() !=QModelIndex())
    		seekRoot = seekRoot.parent();
        showString[0] = QString("%1, Level %2").arg(selectedText[0]).arg(hierarchyLevel);  
        qDebug()<< "Print out line item selected" <<n;
        qDebug()<< "Text = "<< showString[0];


  • Thankyou

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