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Clearing a QTtableview

  • Hi All,
    I'm fairly new to QT but am having an issue with clearing QT table view. Basically I have two tables views, one filled with items that I can drag and drop to the second one. What I'd like to do is click on a clear button to erase the items from the second view.
    I've tried clear but that class function doesn't exist, I tried
    QItemSelectionModel *mod2 = ui->tableView_2->selectionModel();

     while( mod2->model( )->rowCount( ) )
        mod2->model()->removeRow( 0,  &mod2 );


    I thought I could use removeRow, however I don't know what the second parameter should be or even if I did would it clear the box?
    Can anyone advise on this please? I think I'm talking myself in circles. Thanks.

  • You can easily do that by removing all rows from the model itself

    model()->removeRows(0, model()->rowCount());

    in your case it should be :


  • Thanks. Worked a treat. Easy for some, tricky for me :)

  • You are welcome, There is another function as clear() - Removes all items (including header items) from the model and sets the number of rows and columns to zero.

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