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Complete Qt5 CPackIFW example

  • I fairly new to Qt5 and really enjoying using the toolkit, but got to the stage of wanting to work on a deployment solution that could package the application and it's data for multiple platforms.

    I stumbled onto QtIFW while looking for installer creation tools for Qt. Though the process was not automatic and was looking for automatic process using CMake. By shear luck I discovered this email by Konstantin Podsvirov wanting to promote this CPack IFW generator that was recently developed. I eventually came across this CMake help page for the CPack IFW generator.

    As I fairly new to Qt and to using CMake to overcome some limitations of QMake, I still struggle with making functional CMakeList files for a hierarchy directory structure instead of a flat directory structure used by QMake. The example given on the CMake manual page for CPack IFW seems rather incomplete, or vague to me.

    Using plenty googling fu I struggling to locate a simple application example with a complete directory structure for building and deploying along with complete CMake files that includes the CPack IFW generator.

    I hope someone can help me locate such an example.

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