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check template type for type

  • Hey guys,

    I know, it's probably more a general c++ question than qt but anyway...

    I have a dll which provides functions like:

    bool GetDataAsU8(unsigned char *data)
    bool GetDataAsS16(short *data)
    bool GetDataAsU32(uint *data)

    I want to write a helper function which uses templates and selects the right imported dll function automatically.

    template <typename T> bool GetData(T *data)
        //here I want to check the type of data and select the right function

    Could someone help?
    Thanks in advance!


  • Hi,
    why can't you simply provide several overloaded versions of GetData() ?

  • You could use the typeid operator

    if (typeid(data) == typeid(uint)) {

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    If you only want one function you could use the technique described here to "if" trough possible types.

    Otherwise, template specialization could also be an option

    Hope it helps

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    To check the type at runtime you can also use is_same template:

    #include <type_traits>
    template <typename T> bool GetData(T *data) {
        if(std::is_same<T, unsigned char>::value) return GetDataAsU8(data);
        //and so on for other types

    but this is unnecessarily slow, so is the typeid solution.
    Template specialization, as suggested by @SGaist, is the way to go here.

  • Thanks for your answers!
    I think I will go with Template specialization.


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