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Behaviour of qDebug and companions starting with Qt 5.2

  • qDebug and its companions are quite powerful methods for substitution of cout and cerr in applications.

    Two advatanges made it quite appealing when I have started to use probably around Qt 4.6 or even earlier.
    The first advantage is that you can finally use a macro define for switching all references off.
    The other is that the output may easily redirected at a central point of your application. The outpout may be split and duplicated what ever the programmer decides with respect to output seem possible.

    Therefore, I started to use qDebug already using it as some type of logging feature before it became an official part of Qt 5.2 with QLogging.

    Currently, I am using Qt5.3 and the functionality is still the same with my applications after adaption of the slight changes with the message output handler.

    However, one point bothers a bit. That is that the current implementation in Qt 5.3 reinterprets all qDebug statements through a macro in qlogging.h

    qDebug, qWarning, qCritical, qFatal are redefined to automatically include context information
    #define qDebug QMessageLogger(_FILE_, _LINE_, Q_FUNC_INFO).debug
    #define qWarning QMessageLogger(_FILE_, _LINE_, Q_FUNC_INFO).warning
    #define qCritical QMessageLogger(_FILE_, _LINE_, Q_FUNC_INFO).critical
    #define qFatal QMessageLogger(_FILE_, _LINE_, Q_FUNC_INFO).fatal

    The issue is the _FILE_ and _LINE_ in those defines. They pepper the release exe with references to the source code files. In turn that is not what one really anticipates with a release build.

    Is there already a better way of handling anticipated?
    Or do we need to overwrite those defines individually in our code files?