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How setStylesheet ocuppy resolution 1366 by 254 only

  • My picture resolution is 1366 by 254.
    Would like setStyleSheet to occupy 1366 by 254 and mainwindow size is 1366 by 1016.

    MainWindow w;
    //254 x 4

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    I'm not sure I understand you correctly but do you mean you don't want the image to repeat? If so then set the repeat mode:

    w.setStyleSheet("background-image:url(:/file/left.png); background-repeat: no-repeat");

  • Chris thanks

    want setStyleSheet to occupy top quarter of the mainWindow.
    MainWindow size is 1366 by 1016

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    So... have you tried my suggestion? It should do what you want.

  • yes i have,
    w.setStyleSheet("background-image:url(:/file/left.png); background-repeat: no-repeat");

    It only fills up PC monitor width, thus i add setFixedWidth to set the width i want

    On my laptop it work perfectly, but when i cross-compile and test it on the ARM target.
    The mainwindow is expanded over the whole screen. Is there any workaround?

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