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[Solved]Rebuild libqios.a on Mac

  • Hi all,
    I want to rebuild the libqios.a on ios/mac because of a bug in qiosinputcontext. The sourcefile is in the qtbase/src/plugins/platfroms/ios folder. So I made "configure -release -commercial" within the qtbase folder but the libqios.a is not build. No error, several new libs but not the one I wanted.
    Do I have to configure something special for this?

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    Please see the documentation: link

    basically, you need to add -xplatform macx-ios-clang to your configure. Please remember to clean up the previous build first.

  • hi sierdzio,
    thx, but when I add this to my configure I get directly after the accept license the error:
    sed: RE error: illegal byte sequence
    Could not determine the target architecure!

    I made make clean and using XCode 6.1.1. My Sources are the latest which come with the
    maintanance tool.
    Any ideas?

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    You should not use Qt sources from there to build Qt. They are provided for Qt Creator's source inspection functionality. Please download Qt code from git or pick the tarball from downloads page.

  • hi sierdzio,
    thx. configure works with new plain source.

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    You are welcome, happy coding

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