QML Tableview select row where data in column matches

  • Hello,

    we are using a QML tableview and want to select a certain row from c++. The Tableview is using an AbstractTableModel and a SortFilterProxyModel. I've created a QML function in the root object to do so. The function takes a value and should make the tableview select a row where the value matches the data in a predetermined column.

    So i need something like in this (pseudo-)code snippet

        function setCurrentRow(value_in_col_0)
            var SourceIndex = tableModel.???
            var SortModelIndex = proxyModel.mapFromSource(SourceIndex)            
            MyTable.currentRow = SortModelIndex.row
            console.log("in setCurrentRow with index: ", SortModelIndex.row)

    My question is what is the best way to select the ModelIndex in the original, unsorted AbstractTableModel? Is it viable to do so in QML or should I rather do that in c++?

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