How to use SQLite-View as QCombobox-Model?

  • Hello!

    I am new in Qt and I try to make a little SQLite-Database Applikation.

    The Question is: Is ist possible (if yes, how) to use a SQLite-View as relationed table in a QCombobox?????

    I have tried to take a SQLite-Table to set the relation and it worked perfect. Then I changed the SQLite-Tabel with a SQLite-View and the data is not written to the database.

    What I did till now:

    First I connect to the database and set a new QSqiRelationalTableModel:

    modBelege = new QSqlRelationalTableModel(this, cn::db());

    Then I set the relation and set the model for the QCombobox (txtAdr):

    modBelege->setRelation(8, QSqlRelation("kontakte","AdrKey","Name"));//<----- "kontakte" is the SQLite-Table from the Database !!!!!!
    QSqlTableModel *relationModAdresse = modBelege->relationModel(8);
    ui->txtAdrKey->setModelColumn(1);   // Index of the visible Column

    At least I make a new QDataWidgetMapper and map the data to the QCombobox:

    mapper=new QDataWidgetMapper(this);
    mapper->setItemDelegate(new QSqlRelationalDelegate(this));

    The code above works perfect, but "kontakte" is the SQLite-Table. If I change it to "vkontakte" (=SQLite-View) the data is not written to the database.

    Then I have tried the following:

    I let the relation to the SQLite-Table:

    modBelege->setRelation(8, QSqlRelation("kontakte","AdrKey","Name"));//<----- "kontakte" is the SQLite-Table from the Database !!!!!!

    And then I set the model for the QCombobox directly to the SQLite-View:

    QSqlTableModel *modAdresse=new QSqlTableModel();
    modAdresse=new QSqlTableModel();
    modAdresse->setTable("vKontakte");// <----- "vkontakte" is the SQLite-View from the Database !!!!!!

    Now the Index of the selected row in the QCombobox is written to the database and not the value of the foreign Key-Field (the first column of the view and the table)!!!!!!!

    It was not possible for me to write the value of the relationed Key-Field instead of the Index of the row to the database.

    Does anybody has a solution for my problem?????

    Thank you in advance!!


  • if I understood your question correctly, for the solution with QSqlTableModel, the second one. You can do this:

    look here for detailed information:

  • No, the column I am seeing in the combobox is the right column (the column with the text = column-ID 1).

    The value that is written into the database is not the value from the linked Key-Field ("AdrKey" = first column of "kontake" or "vkontake" = column-ID 0), but the Index (currentIndex) of the row that is selected in the combobox!!!

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