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Enabling Plugins

  • I can see that enabling plugins (flash, java etc) is not supported in 5.4 and maybe not in 5.5. I personally feel that we need to get plugins running because much of the web is broken without it. Like it or not, there are still many sites out there that use flash and java in one way or another.

    Is it possible to modify the underlying chromium myself to get plugins working for webengine? Maybe I won't be able to control them via QTcode, but at least they would work. I am not really even sure where to start when it comes to doing such a thing but am willing to learn.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

  • @hacking_away Hey are you sure plugins are not supported?
    I'm trying the fancybrowser example and flash is working on youTube for example, you may have to install it on your system first?


  • youtube works for me but it is using the HTML5 player not the flash player. If I go to https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer I get that the flash player is installed but not enabled. I cant find any QWebSettings::PluginsEnabled equivalent. I must be missing something simple.

  • Good one, I have been trying to install plugins for Chromium, but not able so far.
    With the standard Chromium browser, you go to "chrome://plugins"
    and see a list of installed plugins for Chromium, not sure if this is available for Qt's chromium browser? Would be a really nice feature (adblock,etc, all usefull plugins that should available :)

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