Access selected items in ListView when the button is clicked

  • Hello,

    I have a ListView witch uses my own QAbstractListModel:

    QQmlApplicationEngine engine;
    engine.rootContext()->setContextProperty("carListModel", &carListModel);

    User can select multiple items and then click a button. When he clicks the button I want to access all the selected items from the c++ code. Can someone tell me how can I achieve that? The part with the button is obvious (signals) but the part where I access the ListView from the c++ is not clear for me.

    The ListView is an arbitrary ListView with assigned model.

    I've read the, but there is a Warning mentioned that the the QObject *rect = object->findChild<QObject*>("rect"); should not be used as it breaks the QML<->c++ logic.

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    Short Explanation:
    The best would be to set that in the model itself and access it from C++.

    Long Explanation:
    Assuming you have for eg. CarItem in carListModel, you can add a setter and getter function to it. The setter ( say setSelected(bool)) can be made Q_INVOKABLE which will be accessed from QML to set that it is selected. Then just you need to access all these CarItem's from C++ and check if they are selected using getter.

  • I think there is no way to make a QML ListView multi-selectable.
    But you can do something like that:

    if an element is clicked:

    • set its property selected (or however you call it), and
    • set in delegate that if selected is true, then it should be formatted differently. for example the background color changes to yellow.
    • then add it to a list e.g QList of selected items. You can create a property for this in C++
      Later you can get a list of selected items and can handle with this.

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