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Fixed aspect ratio for a widget

  • Hello,

    In one of my projects, I had as a business requirement (flawed or not, this is out of scope) to have a fixed aspect ratio on my top level (and unique) widget.

    Basically, user should select 4:3 or 16:9 then widget keeps aspect ratio.

    I dug into QWidget documentation and code but I didn't manage to do this nor did I find any good solution.

    I tried catching the resize event to hack ratio but it linked to some unsatisfactory results, I tried the setPreferedHeightForWidth, but it's well named, it works only in one way...

    I finally lost faith and got rid of that requirement but now that this forum exist, does any one know a clean, good way of doing it ?

  • Take a look at Qxt and in particular the "QxtLetterBoxWidget":http://libqxt.bitbucket.org/doc/tip/qxtletterboxwidget.html#details

  • Does "heightForWidth()":http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.7-snapshot/qwidget.html#heightForWidth do what you need?

  • @tobias
    No it does not : it fulfills only a partial use case. Depending on the actual resize (shrinking only horizontally / only vertically - growing only vertically / only horizontally), the result can produce a wrong ratio.

    Sorry, for not having linked the exact name, setPreferedHeightForWidth was what my mind remembered of height for width....

    I'll try to make an example.

  • You will of course also need to set height for width in the size polizy, true. I have never tried it, not being the UI kind of guy, but I am pretty sure that should work.

  • Easy enough, just try to compile that

    #include <QWidget>
    #include <QApplication>
    #include <QSizePolicy>

    class MyWidget:public QWidget
      virtual int heightForWidth ( int w ) const { return w*9/16;};
    int main (int argv, char** argc)
      QApplication a(argv,argc);
      MyWidget w;
      QSizePolicy qsp(QSizePolicy::Preferred,QSizePolicy::Preferred);

    and resize the windows : it doesn't care about aspect ratio at all...

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