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How to automatically close a Dialog when clicked outside?

  • Hi,
    Does anybody know how to close a qml Dialog when user clicks outside of it?
    This is a common behavior for Android/iOS apps, but I couldn't figure out how to do it with QML Dialog component.
    Thank you,

  • Good question. I also want to know the answer to this question
    May be using focusChanged can help?

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    One of the solution is InverseMouseArea from Ubuntu SDK. It capture the mouse event outside of your component. However, Qt did not bundle this component. You may find the C++ implementation from Ubuntu or got a QML version from this page:

    (Remember to destroy the component after closed the dialog.)

  • @tezine You could use a QtQuick Window with the Window.Popup flag set. Unfortunately this feature is buggy in the current Qt version. I faced the same problem and was able to work around it. See this thread:

  • @benlau I thought that a dialog/window didn't get mouse events outside the dialog from the protected event() function making the inverse mouse area only work inside of the screen? The reason I say this is because I thought those events were passed to Qt from the windowing system. Which I don't think would tell you the mouse position if you didn't set some special flag or were the window that actually contained the mouse.

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    @Buttink I assume tezine means iOS and Android platform. I think the implementation of Dialog class in those platform do not create a new window. It is still a QQuickItem. So the hijacking by MouseArea works.

    But there has two problems. The first , Dialog is not a QQuickItem. And the QML version of InverseMouseArea do not working well in this situation.

    It could be fixed by this experimental InverseMouseArea:

    And hijack the dialog by

      FileDialog {
        id: fileDialog
    InverseMouseArea {
        id: inverseMouseArea
        width: parent.width
        height: parent.height
        enabled: fileDialog.visible
        parent : fileDialog.contentItem
        onPressed: {

  • Hi all,
    @benlau it worked with your experimental InverseMouseArea.
    I had to comment the line parent: fileDialog.contentItem and the dialog must have: modality: Qt.NonModal
    Besides that, it worked perfectly!
    Thank you,

  • Hi @benlau , I forgot to mention, I commented the line inside InverseMouseArea: //if (!_inBound(pt)). Just sends component.pressed();
    Here is an example of use:
    Dialog {
    id: sharedDlg
    modality: Qt.NonModal
    property alias inverseParent: inverseMouseArea.parent
    InverseMouseArea {
    id: inverseMouseArea
    width: 400
    height: 600
    enabled: sharedDlg.visible
    onPressed: sharedDlg.close()

    //extending Dialog with InverseMouseArea....
    MyDialog {
    id: dlg
    contentItem: Rectangle {
    //add content here

    //using MyDialog....
    inverseParent: topWindow

  • My solution for automatically close a Dialog in qml by clicking outside the window was to change the modality of the window to non modal:

            id: myDialog
            height: 300
            width: 600
            modality: Qt.NonModal

    My window has a 1280x800 size and the dialog appears in the middle. Once its open i click outside and the Dialog closes by itself.