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Code Editor

  • Gentlemen,

    I know it's always a thing with extensions. We have to strike a balance between security and usability. This is why I'd like to start this thread about the MediaWiki extension CodeEditor. Some of you might argue "Not another extension!", I say that we are running a Wiki with programming as the topic and this is in my opinion -- at least -- an option we should consider.

    What do you think?

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    The idea doesn't sound bad but taking a look at the compatibility and issues part, it doesn't look like the best bet currently

  • Agreed. And furthermore they are thinking about integrating it directly into the WikiEditor if I am not mistaken. Let's just keep it in mind. I just wanted to check the general assessment of the others around here.

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    In any case, that would be really great. Writing little snippets would be easier just with the automatic parenthesis/quotes matching

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