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adapting a TableViewColumn delegate slightly

  • Hi,

    my goal is to round the numeric values of a TableView column. Therefore I created a delegate for the TableViewColumn. But now the formating of the text is different to the one of the ohter columns. How can I force the column to have the same properties (font.pixelSize, ...) like the other columns (which have default properties)?

    Component {
    id: columnDelegate
    Text {
    color: styleData.textColor
    elide: styleData.elideMode
    text: Math.round(styleData.value * 100) / 100

    best regards

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    AFAIK there's no way to do that. The only way to do that would be to use the same custom delegate for other columns too.

  • @p3c0

    Ok thanks. I was assuming this.

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