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How can I make the edit section for "New topic" bigger?

  • When I add a new topic, the edit section only takes up the bottom half of the browser. Then there are those huge text fields for title, forum and tags which take up another 160 pixels of real estate. Then the format section (bold, italic and that stuff) - another 60 pixels down the drain.

    When all is said an done, the text box I am writing in shows no more than 4 (in words: four) lines of text. Total height of the text box: 125 pixels.

    Is there any way to make the edit screen bigger?

    Note: Firefox (newest release) fullscreen on Windows @1920x1080. Custom text size in Windows (140%). Using both text zoom and full zoom (120 % each) in browser. My eyes are weak, though my pagh is strong ;-)

  • True, the style and layout have been designed for a normal laptop screen at 100% (I'm running the usual 1366 x 768 and can get seven lines in the edit box, on the big screen it will probably be more)

    I'll have to look into it. And talk with the front end designer.

    Other things, how are the fonts? Is the contrast good enough, or should we darken the grays?

  • @tekojo
    I'm happy with the fonts as they are. The colors might need another look if you decide to move things tighter together, but I believe they would work even then.

  • @Asperamanca ok, so the biggest issue is the space wasted when zooming in.
    The whole site is responsive, so technically it should be possible to change the layout of things when zoomed close... maybe drop the writing tools line to the side or something...
    Yep, needs that front and man.

  • While it's kinda cool to see the post or forums while writing, an option to use the full browser window for editing long topics might be an easy and useful option (because it wouldn't require a redesign of the layout - it can already adapt to more space)

  • @Asperamanca the edit window goes to full window width, eating the preview pane, at some point, so probably it could go to full window height too.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi !

    One other thing that could be good is to have a smaller title bar. I.e. on iOS Safari it eats a lot of space when in horizontal mode

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