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Database Plugins

  • Hi,
    The whole Database thing isn't clear for me right now.
    Whats the Difference between Drivers and Plugins in QT?
    I know i need the Libs (.so) in my QT Plugin dir. Are there Any prebuilt QT DB drivers/plugins shipped with QT? Reading this I understand that i have to build them myself but also Installing official Drivers (MySQL Testet under Windows and Linux) and moving them to the QT Plugins Folder worked for me.
    I wonder because i have "" in my plugins dir without installing anything (at least i dont know)

  • Hello,

    For Qt SQL you can assume that DRIVERS == PLUGINS, (almost), since these plugins are statically or dinamically linked to database native drivers to access them.

    Qt by default comes with SQLite support, that's why in Qt 4 or 5 you will find it in your plugins folder.

    If you download Qt from website, it will come with some compiled sql drivers as Qt plugins.

    If you're using Qt from your Linux distribution, some drivers may be already compiled or you will need to compile them by hand, so its your decision to stick with official or with your linux distribution.

    Hope that helps,


  • check this Qt SQL drivers.

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