• Hello,
    I am a biologist also a bioinformatics scientist, and ofcourse a Qt lover !
    Currently in bioinformatics, each programming langage has his own bioinformatics library.

    "Biopython": for Python
    "BioRuby": for Ruby

    And of all the world's evil :
    "BioJava": . That's mean 90% of bioinformatics GUI are made with Java ! That's also mean ugly and slow GUI :D

    So, what about create a Bio library for Qt ? Witch all tool and GUI to make bioinformatics ?

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    Do you mean a full port of Biopython in C/C++ ?

  • some part yes. But with more UI feature that Qt allow.

  • Sounds interesting. Basically the task would be to reimplement BioPython as a C library, convince the BioPython people to use your C library as backend, provide a Qt/C++ wrapper for the C library and a Qt/QML wrapper for the Qt/C++ wrapper. That would be cool!

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