[SOVLED] How to use monospaced fonts with QTextEdit?

  • I have a QTextEdit and I want to use a monospaced font. Although, any attempts to use one failed. At most it changed a bit the spacing between characters, but nothing more, and in no way it used a monospaced font.
    My code is placed inside an object's contructor, and works like this:
    textFont = new QFont;
    textFont->setFamily("monospace [Consolas]");
    textWidget = new QTextEdit;
    Whatever settings I try to use they don't give me the desired effect. Also, did I miss it or there is no method in QFont that simply allows to set a font's name? I read in some replies on other forums about a QFont.setFont("font name") method, but it's not available in Qt 5.3 and 5.4.

    Any help, please?

  • I found the solution... I was mistakenly using QTextEdit::setCurrentFont() instead of QTextEdit::setFont(). The last one acts globally, while the first one only acts on new input from keyboard.

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