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Unable to Use QML AnimatedImage in OpenSource Edition

  • I am working with an application that is built against the community edition of Qt 4.8.4 (Windows, 32-bit, VS2010). I have a pre-built binary for this application that correctly loads all QML files and displays all widgets correctly.

    The problem lies in building the source code to this application against the above-mentioned version of Qt (using Qt VS Add-in 1.1.11 and VS2010 SP1); full compilation and linking succeeds without warnings. When I run my build of the application--in Debug or Release--the primary QML file ("main.qml") logs the following errors when loaded:

    QML AnimatedImage: Error Reading Animated Image File (full path to loadingDots.mng)
    QML AnimatedImage: Error Reading Animated Image File (full path to animatedBg.gif)

    Note 1 that the same QML files are used for the pre-built application binary and my own build of the same application. I moreover appear to have all appropriate plugins in Qt/4.8.4/plugins/imageformats.

    Note 2 I get the same errors with a completely clean, new QML/Quick application.

    It is also worth mentioning that I attempted to port this application to Qt5.4.1 (VS 2013 Update 3) and receive the same errors. Having had no issues before building QML applications on a different machine, I do not understand this issue.

    Thank you!

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