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Qt3.3.8 using 32-bit linux in a 64-bit environment

  • Hi, I would like to build from source Qtv3.3.8.

    I have a SL Red Hat 64 bit machine, however I want to to install Qt using 32 bit.

    How should I run ./configure considering the architecture that I want?

    How do I call ../mkspecs/linuxg++-32?

    Do I need to edit ../qmake/Makefile.unix (ie do I need to add -m32).

    Thanks in advance.


  • I dont think its possible to only build Qt as a 32 bit, when your whole toolchain is setup for 64 bit.
    So you have to make a 32 bit toolchain next to the 64 to get it working.
    Im not sure though, but i remember reading about it once.

  • hi vinb,

    I tried ./configure --platform=linux-g++-32 -thread -no-xft -qt-gif -no-exceptions and I have this problem with -lGL.

    With --platform=linux-g++-32, it adds the option -m32 at compile time, in principle. However with the problem i cite above it searches for /usr/lib64/ while I would require that it reads the file in the path /usr/lib/

    What more do i need to tweak?

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