Webcamoid, a full featured webcam app

  • Hi guys! This time, I want to present Webcamoid, that is an app for managing a webcam unique in its field.

    Cameras setup


    Some of its features are:

    • Cross-platform (GNU/Linux, Windows)
    • Take pictures and record videos with the webcam.
    • Manages multiple webcams.
    • Written in C++/Qt.
    • Custom controls for each webcam.
    • Add funny effects to the webcam.
    • +60 effects available.
    • Translated to many languages.
    • Use custom network and local files as capture devices.
    • Capture from desktop.
    • Many recording formats.
    • Virtual webcam support for feeding other programs.

    Support for all possible video formats and codecs


    • Android port.
    • Add support for scripted plugins.
    • New and customizable UI.
    • Add social sharing features.
    • Add network broadcast support.
    • Temporized photo shot.
    • Add support for compressed webcam streams.

    Build & Install

    Visit the wiki for a comprehensive compile and install instructions.

    More Info

    Main website
    Secondary website

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    Looks pretty nice ! Thanks for sharing !

    Are you also planning an iOS port ?

  • Are you also planning an iOS port ?

    No by the moment, the new Apple Developer Agreement is too much restrictive.

  • Hi, i want to inform that Webcamoid 7.0.0 has been released. This is the ChangeLog:

    • Wine/Windows port finally working! EXPERIMENTAL!
    • Reworked recording options. More user friendly.
    • Removed unnecessary dependencies.
    • Many effects reworked and bugfixed.
    • Added GStreamer support, EXPERIMENTAL!
    • Fixed SEGFAULT when switching the effects.
    • Added virtual camera support (GNU/Linux only).
    • Added command line options for controlling plugins search.


    You can download the latest source code and Windows builds from here.
    Binary packages for GNU/Linux can be downloaded from here
    For Arch Linux you can install webcamoid or webcamoid-git from AUR.
    For build instructions look at the wiki page.

  • Released 7.2.0 version.


    • Fixed problems when recording.
    • Added timer and flash when taking photos.
    • Better virtual camera management.
    • Added Virtual camera support for Windows.
    • Added GIF recording support (FFmpeg only).
    • Improved webcam format selection.
    • UI improvements.
    • Included QtQuick software renderer in intallation (Windows).
    • Added play on start option.
    • Added C++11 support for Clang build.


    Camera Selection


  • Released Webcamoid 8.0.0!


    • Added support for Mac and FreeBSD (virtual camera is not supported yet).
    • Added new masks to the FaceDetect plugin.
    • Now is possible to Switch between FFmpeg and GStreamer on runtime.
    • Added support for ALSA, OSS, JACK and QAudio.
    • Added support for libuvc.
    • Now is possible to select the desired input and output device, and configure playback and capture formats.
    • More translations updates.
    • Added options for configuring plugins search paths and blacklist in GUI.
    • Added options for configuring the desired frameworks and libraries.
    • Added formats and codecs config in recording options.
    • FFmpeg >= 2.8 required.
    • Added support for MSVC2013 and MSVC2015 build.
    • Added option for configure FPS in DesktopCapture plugin.
    • Added updates options.
    • AppImage support.

    @SGaist well, at the end I ported it to Mac at least. Must see what options I have for iOS but that will come most probably after Android port.

  • Released Webcamoid 8.1.0!


    • Improved startup time.
    • Deadlock when audio recording is enabled my be solved now. Audio recording enabled by default again.
    • Added Syphon support for Mac.
    • Added AVFoundation support for desktop capture in Mac.
    • Binany packages size shrinked.
    • Hopefully, fixed many segfaults in many platforms.

  • Released Webcamoid 8.5.0!


    • UI ported to QtQuick Controls 2.
    • Reworked virtual camera for GNU/Linux, Mac and Windows.
    • Qt 5.9.0 as minimum requirement.
    • Faster build and smaller binaries.
    • Added build info.
    • Fixed crash and many other bugs in FreeBSD.
    • Added support for Microsoft Media Foundation capture.
    • Fixed shadow build.
    • Added support for FFmpeg 4.0.
    • Fixed bug when reading/setting webcam controls.
    • Added support for akvcam, default in-house virtual camera solution for GNU/Linux.
    • Fixed rendering problems in Mac.
    • Added support for FreeBSD in deploy scripts.
    • Fixed many bugs when recording audio and video.
    • Default recording video bitrate is now 1.5Mbps.
    • Fixed audio support in Windows.
    • Removed 'su' and 'sudo' as root method when installing the virtual camera in GNU/Linux.
    • Removed Syphon support for Mac.
    • Improved translations.

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

  • Released Webcamoid 8.6.0!


    • Now webcam settings are saved.
    • Enabled secondary plugins, and fixed segfaults and memleaks in GStreamer.
    • Fixed segfaults and memory leaks in MacOS.
    • Fixed GIF playback in FFmpeg.
    • Build now support MSYS2.
    • Added FreeBSD CI support in Cirrus CI.
    • Added static analysis with Codacy.
    • Added daily builds with Bintray.
    • Disabled hotplug support for FreeBSD.
    • Fixed manpage install.
    • Install paths now follow Qt install paths structure.

  • Released Webcamoid 8.6.1!


    • AppImage now properly show the icon.
    • Fix install Qml paths for Mac bundle.
    • Use correct subdir for manpage.
    • Fixed Windows installer.
    • Now you can create an Android APK (yes, it works, but no, it does not properly support Android yet).

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