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How to edit a .ui converted python file?

  • Hello All,

    I have created a .ui file while I creating my sample qt python GUI application using qt designer. I have converted this ui file into python using pyuic. Now I want to edit this python file for some GUI changes or I have to add some
    functions to display some data in this GUI!! Is it possible and how I can do this? Could anyone please help me?

    Thanks in advance

  • Go to project directory, get that file, and open it using "netbeans": and edit it, save it. Is it what you want?

  • You may open it with any simple text editor. Usually we should import those files and make changes on the main file. This way, You may change the .ui with the appropriate tools (QCreator...), recompile it and import it as usual.
    As PyQt4 editor and IDE I like "eric6":

  • Dear Sanjay,

    Thank you very much for replying to my question, your suggestion is very useful. My sincere apologies for delaying my response to you due to my confusions on this question and qt forum migration.

  • Dear Tripanurium,

    My sincere thanks for replying to my question, your answer is too good, really apologies for delaying my response due to my confusions
    on my question.

  • @John-R You shouldn't edit the generated file.
    The standard way to use it is to create a subclass of the generated one; in this way if you need to edit the UI and re-generate again you don't loose all your code.

    And my favourite Python IDE is PyCharm

  • @mcosta ,

    Thank you very much for replying me, it is useful.

    But can I use Tkinter to edit this converted UI Python code, and if I copy this converted file to desktop from its QT project directory, will it work? I am familiar with only Tkinter and I am slowly getting familiar with QT creator IDE only, if it is possible then it will be great!

    I am really hesitated to ask this naive question, maybe I am asking very silly!! But still I thought of asking!!

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