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Setup the develop enviroment on PC which doesn't intall QtSDK&Qt-Vs-Addin ( on Windows with VisualStudio ).

  • This my solution to to this:
    (1) copy the dll, lib, include files into my own project's directory.
    (2) create a Qt5.1.0 dir, and copy moc.exe, qmake.exe, rcc.exe into Qt5.1.0/bin; copy win32-msvc2005, win32-msvc2008, win32-msvc2010, win32-msvc2012 into Qt5.1.0/mkspecs.
    (3) installl the qt-vs-addin, and set the Qt Versions path to the dir path in (2).

    It works.However, now I want to make it more simple and easy for PC without QtSDK&Qt-Vs-Addin to compile the whole solutioin.

    1. can I add all the Qt code in to my VisualStudio solution and compile it into whether dynamic Dll or static Lib?
      I want to simply compile Qt in VisualStudio instead of use the cmd. should i use Command Arguments?
      Years ago i compiled Qt all by myself, and i remember that the VS cmd was been used...Can i "map" the arguments in the cmd to VisualStudio Properties arguments (which will make compile much easier)?
      Is there tutorial about this?
    2. when the Qt dll/lib is ready, how to build the other project which use Qt dll/lib directly, is qt-vs-addin nessesary?
      if not, how to implement the moc.exe, qmake.exe, rcc.exe, and is there easy way to do this in VisualStudio?

    ps. what is the use of Qt5.1.0/mkspecs, are they only used by qt-vs-addin? So if i could Not use qt-vs-addin to compile Qt application, there is no need to add Qt5.1.0/mkspecs?

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