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Questions about add Qt as the 3rdSDK of my project.

  • I want to add Qt in my own project (eg. on Windows in VisualStudio solution).here are the questions i met:
    (1) is it possible to add the Qt code in my VisualStudio solution, then Qt can be built dynamically or statically? As a result, the other project in the solution can link Qt's dynamic dll or static lib.
    (2) is there any good tutorial to build Qt dynamically / statically on Windows with VistualStudio?
    (3) right now i mainly want to use this on Windows with VisualStudio, If i can build the Qt code as said above, is Qt-Vs-Addin still nessesary to build the other project? and is there any way to Not use Qt-Vs-Addin on Windows(especially in VisualStudio)?
    (4) if i want to update the Qt code in my VS solution as the offical Qt version updates, is it possible to just replace the code in my solution? and if Qt-vs-addin is nessesasy, what should i do when the new Qt version requires a new version of Qt-vs-addin? and if Qt-vs-addin is nessesary, is there any way to install and update a new version Automatically (especially in VisualStudio).
    Thank you very much !

    dear sierdzio sierdzio, here is my reply, i don't know why i can't post this reply......the link always failed with a # added at last......

    1. Visual Studio Add-On = Qt-Vs-Addin ?. and what is the link ?
      here, why i want to add the Qt itself in my VisualStudio solution is to make it easy for others (their PC does not install Qt SDK and Qt-Vs-Addin).
      So, what i want is that others only need to checkout my VS solution and they need not to intall Qt SDK or Qt-Vs-Addin, then they can compile the whole soultion.
    2. if i don't install Qt-Vs-Addin, so how can i build App which use Qt?
      How to complie the project, and How to implement the moc, qmake, rcc in VisualStudio?
    3. what i mean is that as i add the Qt code itself in my own VisualStudio solution, so as the official Qt version updates, i have to update the Qt in my solution.
      and as i know, the Qt-Vs-Addin version is specific to the Qt version, so if the Qt version is newer than the Qt-Vs-Addin version, a new version of Qt-Vs-Addin has to be installed and replace the current Qt-Vs-Addin.

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    Yes, although it might be a bit hard. See the Visual Studio Add-On. Also, please bear in mind the Qt license - if you choose the LGPL option, you can't link statically

    Yes: "link":http://qt-project.org/wiki/Building-Qt-5-from-Git

    The Add-In is there to make your life easier and to manage Qt projects, it is not required in any way. If you want to add Qt to your project as an addition, then the Add-In might be obsolete for you. You will just need to manage Qt inclusion and linking yourself

    I don't understand this question very well. Do you want to write code using Qt libraries, or do you want to include Qt libraries themselves in your project? In general, Qt is both forward- and backward compatible (source compatibility and binary compatibility), so as long as Microsoft does not break the compatibility (they have a habit of doing this), you can easily swap Qt libraries.

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