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Qt Creator debugging problem: Could not get value: No value

  • Since I got no responses in the General & Desktop forum, I'm cross posting this here.

    I’m trying to change a local variable value in the Locals and Expressions section of Qt Creator and I’m getting the following error (from the Debugger Log):

    Lldb stdout: (lldb) sc db.assignValue(exp”,)
    Lldb stdout:
    error={type=“1”,code=“4294967295”,desc=“error: Could not get value: No value”}

    statusmessage=“Could not get value: No value”

    Could not get value: No value

    Note: there are some “at” characters in the output but I removed them so the forum doesn’t try to format incorrectly.
    I’m using the daily build from 2/13/15 but I’ve tried this on earlier builds with the same result.
    It doesn’t matter what type of variable I try to set, I get the same error.

  • I suggest to report that at bugreports.qt-project.org, including the contents of the log.

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