Copying supporting DLL to DESTDIR

  • Hi, I am trying (in vain) to copy my project's supporting DLLs to the DESTDIR.

    I have in my .pro file
    debug {
    DESTDIR = C:/Users/william/Perforce/Build/Executables/x64/$$TARGET/Debug
    POST_TARGETDEPS += C:/Users/william/Perforce/Build/Libraries/QT/Debug/Input.dll
    POST_TARGETDEPS += C:/Users/william/Perforce/Build/Libraries/QT/Debug/Output.dll
    for(dll, POST_TARGETDEPS){QMAKE_POST_LINK = copy "$$dll" "$$DESTDIR/"}
    My executable arrives correctly but I get the following error build
    xilink: executing 'link'
    copy C:/Users/william/Perforce/Build/Libraries/QT/Debug/Output.dll C:/Users/william/Perforce/Build/Executables/x64/Monitor/Debug/
    The syntax of the command is incorrect.

    Does anyone have any suggestions.

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