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[Solved]How to create a live blur effect?

  • I am in the process of trying the graphical effects module, and I had an idea while playing with the gaussian blur effect. Unfortunately I am not sure how to go about implementing it.

    What I thought is having an image in the background and rectangle or circle that is able to follow the mouse. What you will be able to see through the rectangle is a blurred version of whatever is behind it. Something like a magnifying glass if you will, but instead of magnifying it will blur whatever is behind it.

    Has anyone any idea on how a similar effect can be done?

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    It's already available in QtQuick, no need to reinvent the wheel: "link":

  • Thanks sierdzio, I should have finished reading about all effects before posting.

    Let me also add "this":, seems quite an interesting implementation of almost what I wanted.

    By the way I spent a good portion of the last 2 hours studying your code on CCF, I came across it while browsing the forums. Can't run it but quite interesting nonetheless, keep up.

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    Thanks, I have not tried to compile this for a long time, maybe it's time to undust it a little bit. But I think it should compile (just turn off shadow building).

  • Using mac it compiled just fine, but it kept crushing without ever displaying anything. I'll try it later on another system under Windows or Linux.

    What was particularly interesting for me was the qml c++ communication, I'll have to take a more careful look at it later if I hope to learn anything.

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    Please do. I'm happy to know people learn from my code, just as I have learn a lot when I wrote it (that project has seen several heavy refactorings).

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