QWebElement evaluateJavaScript - speed issue

  • I am trying to optimize some part of my code that run slow with "evaluateJavaScript" lagging the UI a little bit.

    I have tried to put all my evaluateJavaScript into one and process it directly on the QWebFrame, but it's not faster (even slower).
    Is there a way to improve the speed of my calls?

    I haven't moved to QWebEngine as my project is not compatible yet (using msvc2012 and need cookie management)

    @ /// Name
    QWebElement inputNameElement = ui->webView_workouts->page()->mainFrame()->documentElement().findFirst("input[id="name-workout"]");
    QString jsValue = QString("this.value='%1';").arg("");

    /// Plan
    QWebElement inputPlanElement = ui->webView_workouts->page()->mainFrame()->documentElement().findFirst("input[id=\"plan-workout\"]");
    jsValue = QString("this.value='%1';").arg(plan);
    /// Creator
    QWebElement inputCreatorElement = ui->webView_workouts->page()->mainFrame()->documentElement().findFirst("input[id=\"creator-workout\"]");
    jsValue = QString("this.value='%1';").arg("");
    // This is slower that above code, find out why, maybe try with QWebEngine later
    //    QString jsToExecute = "$('#name-workout').val( '' ); ";
    //    jsToExecute += QString("$('#plan-workout').val( '%1' ); ").arg((plan));
    //    jsToExecute += "$('#creator-workout').val( '' ); ";
    //    ui->webView_workouts->page()->mainFrame()->documentElement().evaluateJavaScript(jsToExecute);@

  • Still would like to know what's the best way to use evaluateJavascript()
    on the page or on the QWebElement individually? Are there best practices?

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