Best way to create a thumbnail viewer

  • Hi,

    I need to create a thumbnail viewer where the images are stored as QByteArray (I convert this to QPixmap and QImage). I have successfully created a thumbnail viewer using a QListWidget that I add QListWidgetItems to (see code below).

    QIcon thumnail = QIcon(Pixmap::fromImage(image));
    QListWidgetItem* newItem= new QListWidgetItem(ui_.thumbnailWindow);
    // ui_.thumbnailWindow is a QListWidget added in design mode

    newItem->setText(“some text”);

    However, I am having problems updating this QListWidget when I want so I would like to try something else. Have any of you any suggestions?

  • Hi,

    bq. I am having problems updating this QListWidget when I want

    What's exactly the problem?

  • see my other post "My QListWidget is not updating when I want"....

    I have connected a signal to a slot. In the slot the QListWidget is cleared before the newItems are added to the QListWidget.

    I have verified that the slot is actually activated by using QDebug()... So it is just the screen that is not updated. The signal is emitted from a Widget #1 and the slot is for a Widget #2....

    Did you understand the problem? Are signals and slots not thread safe?

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