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[Solved]Edit qml property from c++

  • I have a qml file that contains a number of properties (it displays a rectangle, and the properties are its dimensions).

    Is it possible for me to be able to alter those properties, lets say the 'width' property, from c++ and have that change reflected on my qml rectangle.

  • Yes.

    object->setProperty("width", 500);

    For more information see "Interacting with QML Objects from C++": .

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    To add to Wieland's answer, if the Item whose property you need to change from C++ is not root Item, you may need to find that particular Item using findChild and passing it the Item's objectName.

  • My qml file looks like this

    @import QtQuick 2.3

    import MyCustoms 1.0

    Rectangle {

    property int    x Val               : 20
    property int    yVal                : 3
    property int    radiusVal        : 10
    id: content
    color: "red"
    antialiasing: true
    anchors.fill: parent; anchors.margins: 10; radius: radiusVal
    Rectangle { // smaller rectangle with another colour }

    and I instantiate it from c++ like this

    @view = new QQuickView();


    The first thing I tried was in some function have this

    @view->setProperty("radiusVal", 40);@

    and call it at some point.

    No change whatsoever can be observed on my rectangle though.


    Even if I try

    @QObject *rootObject = view->rootObject();

    won't have any effect.

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    view->setProperty("radiusVal", 40)

    would update QQuickView's property and not Rectangle's.
    The other approach should work. Could be some other problem.

  • It is indeed working, I had another mistake on my source files they prevented the change.

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  • Hi Rolias, I will check that out. I don't believe i will need the VIP pass if as you say I can watch 4 hours for free.

  • Of course I hope you'll want to watch more than just one course! Also if you watch with a VIP pass the time you spend watching counts for my course, with the 10 day trial I get no credit.

  • Didn't know that. Well since I plan to watch them anyway I might as well do it with a pass. If you still have any left please do email me.

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