QT Ruler Application for selecting and coloring text

  • I am trying to make a ruler in QT. I am developing an application which requires a line edit in which user can select any part of the string. When selection is done the starting and end co-ordinates of selection is passed to backend.

    The ruler which is shown with line edit has a precision of one character or blank space in the string.
    I have build a similar widget using Java and ExtJS some time back. I am tring to simulate the same with QT for quite some time now but not succeeding in doing so.

    Any kind of help is most welcome.

  • !file:///C:/Users/sharms30/Desktop/Ruler.png(ruler)!

  • Please take alook to understand what i am trying to build.

    !http://i.stack.imgur.com/NxnUG.png(This is what I am trying to achive.)!

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