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Qt folders, why so many? osx

  • Hi!

    I've installed qt 4.7 using the installer with qt creator and i've found that i have many directories with the framework!

    I've it on my home folder (where I choose to install it) with these files:


    then I have it under /System/Library/frameworks:


    under /Developer/Applications/Qt/
    @ imports phrasebooks plugins translations

    under /Library/frameworks

    I looks like I have lots of files repeated! is this normal? i've downloaded qt 4.7.1 with installer and qt creator and then i've downloaded only the binaries for the qt 4.7.2 because as far as i see i won't get any update on the qtcreator automatically... shouldn't it update to the 4.7.3 too?


  • I'm not sure what you mean by "I have lots of files repeated". At first glance all is ok: you have installed qt tools and libraries.

  • It is perfectly normal - my Q tInstallation has has more than 55 000 files and it is almost 5 GB. The structure you've given loooks like mine.

  • under my qtsdk install if i go to the desktop -> 472 -> gcc I have the same folders as in /Developer/Applications/Qt/ plugins are different (my sdk folder has more) but as far as i see in my .pro file all the plugins are loaded from the /Developer/Applications/Qt/ and not from my sdk folder...

    how can i update qt creator and qt to 4.7.3!? shouldn't it be automatically? If i run the updater it gives me no updates but if i go to the package manager tab I can see qt 4.7.2 and 4.7.3, should I select the 4.7.3 there?!

  • In my package manager I've selected Qt 4.7.2 and 4.6.3 under Symbian Toolchains. I'm using Qt SDK 1.1 RC. Are you using older release of it?

  • no, i think i'm using the same but i've installed qt SDK 1.1 that came with qt 4.7.1 and then i've downloaded only the source of qt 4.7.2 and installed it.

    I would like to update qt creator to 2.2 and qt to 4.7.3 why the update manager don't do that alerting me?!

  • QtCreator is still beta .. I suppose this is the reason.

    I'm using Windows by the way. Here you can see:
    ! manager)!

  • i've saw the files of a friend and i have folders and files that he doesn't. I'll clean my mac from qt and re-install it.

    if i have already a beta i want the new beta with more features so I doubt that that is the reason..

  • Can you name what folders or files you have and your friend doesn't have?

  • The latest QtCreator beta is the one "here": (I bet this is the one you and me have).

    If you want something newer, you could use the snapshots "here": .

  • And if you want to be on cutting edge of QtCreator than you can build it from "sources":

  • [quote author="secretNinja" date="1302978567"]The latest QtCreator beta is the one "here": (I bet this is the one you and me have).

    If you want something newer, you could use the snapshots "here": . [/quote]

    I don't have qt creator 2.2 but 2.1... so no it isn't that.

    @denis at least this one: /Developer/Applications/Qt/ my friend don't have it. it downloaded qt 2 days ago, so he have qt creator 2.2 and qt 4.7.3

  • I'm not aware of how Qt files should be placed under macosx, but for me folder /Developer/Applications/Qt/ looks ok. It contains Qt tools.

  • i'll delete all and re-install qt with 4.7.3 and new creator will be like an uptade, and then i'll check again :)

  • ok, now i've understand it.

    If i download the qt SKD, i choose a directory to install all the qt. that includes qt creator and qmake, etc. that was what i've installed first.

    if I download the libraries them it installs qt in the /Developer and other paths as stated above.

    but my program if I install the sdk gives me errors building my projects, I couldn't use the command to build the app for 32 bits for eg and etc.
    If i install the libraries and use que qmake from /usr/bin instead of the one on my install sdk directory it works good. I could also delete the sdk install and install only the libs + qt creator 2.2, why this happens?

    if i install the sdk on a folder is equal to building qt statically and the libs is building Qt as shared frameworks? if so I understand why my erros happen because it is sated here:

    another question is why I don't have libs of qt 4.7.3?
    and finally what is the different between this 2 versions: (206 MB, includes build and interface tools) (700 MB, libs only)

    i've download the first one.


  • Difference between these two versions of libs is in debugging info in second libs and lack of tools there.

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