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QDomNode Class Speed ?

  • When accessing a DOM using the Qt tools, That is..., updating, searching, getting/adding nodes & node data from the tree etc.

    Which is faster the QDomNode Class tool OR a high preformance scene graph tool or tree tool like what is used
    in a C++ game/graphics engine ? (The data types stored is not important as I'm asking about the tools.)

    Take the render tree in Panda3D game engine for example or OSG, or a general tree tool like the following.

    Is QDomNode Class and/or the Qt DOM tools just as fast as these other type tools for the above mentioned transactions, or if speed is important to me, should I go with my own defined tree tool and data storage methods other than the Qt DOM tools?

    I'm not talking about a database. And I'm not talking about rendering graphics.

    I'm talking about Node Trees -VS- The Qt DOM tools and the Speeds at which these tools access memory
    and preform there tree node access operations.

  • I have always been happy with Qt DOM. I found it fast ever for large data files (in the area of 2 mb). I use it so much that I even wrote a small wrapper class to make it easier for me (cleaner code).

    That being said I have not run any studies or had any reason to see if it was 'the very best'. I think it is general purpose so I would expect something focused on solving a particular problem (access speed or memory usage) would probably be better for those situations.

    I don't use it to store data in memory for random read write access so my usage pattern is probably nothing like what you might be thinking about using it for. This is something you would need to test for yourself to see how it compares to other options using your criteria.

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