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Pyside-uic, destroying layout

  • It's my first post here so I'm saying hello.
    I'm learning pyside and trying to create some simple app to help me with my normal work. It's basically counting questionares which I enter.
    For some time development went good, but now I encoutered problem. My ui designed in qtDeisgner after converting to .py file via pyside-uic looks terriblle (some wild margins and spacing appears). I tried to re-create this gui in qtdesigner but it hasn't worked. For days I can't overcome this. What should I do?

    Pictures representing what happens:
    ! in qtdesigner + list of all my widgets)!
    ! in my program.)!

  • I've found something that helps this program to look better. It isn't perfectly what I wanted but It will work for now. This textedit at the bottom of my program can't be under left tablewidget. Here is picture how it looks like now:

    ! program)!

    But still I don't know why this is happening? And why I can't see that in qtdesigner preview.

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