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    Hi all
    Plesae help me out
    i am using
    qt 5.4
    os win 7
    vs 2010
    I have qt widget application there the case is ,
    having two button
    i want click first button and the color like(red,black,green) should display on second button and finaly color should be looping (repeating)


  • Please don't expect this site to become a hell like stackoverflow! @questioner

  • [quote author="rishikumar" date="1422105904"]Hi all
    Plesae help me out
    <off topic question> [/quote]

    Why do you keep posting off-topic questions in this unrelated topic? Just ask your questions in the "General and Desktop forum":/forums/viewforum/10/, and you'll have a much better chance of getting an answer. And please, create a new topic. Don't just add your question to a random existing topic.

  • Hi all
    i am using QT 5.3
    and compiler as Visual Studio 2010
    OS is Windows 7
    can you help me what debbuger i can install for QT 5.3
    and how do i do

  • Hi all
    i am using QT 5.3 compiler Visual Studio 2010 OS is Windows 7

    I have assigned a work like i have added an image that image should accept dynamic value and start move left and right and if i set 11 oclock time then automatically that image should start move left and right and i have to let a variable to be used as camera movement and should show 3 times message shall i close it ...... and finaly flash off

    please give solution for this or some suggestion

    Thanks & Regard

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    Suggestion: Learn how to use Qt first (follow the tutorial at ) Then, try to implement your program yourself.

    When you get stuck, post the code that you wrote yourself and describe the problem you are facing.

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