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QtGraphicalEffects and git

  • Trying to compile on linux and I'm running into an issue with QtGraphicalEffect. Haven't changed my compile script.

    git clone git:// qt5-test
    cd qt5-test
    ./init-repository --no-webkit
    ./configure -release -opensource -nomake examples -nomake tests -skip qtwebengine -confirm-license

    cd qtgraphicaleffects
    ls (nothing)
    git status
    On branch 5.4
    Your branch is up-to-date with 'origin/5.4'.
    Changes to be committed:
    (use "git reset HEAD <file>..." to unstage)

        deleted:    .gitattributes
        deleted:    .qmake.conf
        deleted:    .tag
        deleted:    LGPL_EXCEPTION.txt
        deleted:    LICENSE.FDL
        deleted:    LICENSE.GPLv2
        deleted:    LICENSE.LGPLv21
        deleted:    LICENSE.LGPLv3
        deleted:    dist/changes-5.0.1
        deleted:    dist/changes-5.0.2
        deleted:    dist/changes-5.1.0
        deleted:    dist/changes-5.1.1
        deleted:    src/effects/Blend.qml
        deleted:    src/effects/BrightnessContrast.qml
        deleted:    src/effects/ColorOverlay.qml
        deleted:    src/effects/Colorize.qml
        deleted:    src/effects/ConicalGradient.qml
        deleted:    src/effects/Desaturate.qml


    On my base build directory which has been around since 5.4.0 qtgraphicaleffects is checked out to commit 6eef4b5 which as far as I can tell was the last time a commit was done there.

    In the root path doing a git status returns
    modified: qtactiveqt (modified content)
    modified: qtandroidextras (modified content)
    modified: qtimageformats (modified content)
    modified: qtmacextras (modified content)
    modified: qtquick1 (modified content)
    modified: qtrepotools (modified content)
    modified: qtscript (modified content)
    modified: qtsensors (modified content)
    modified: qtserialport (modified content)
    modified: qttools (modified content)
    modified: qttranslations (modified content)
    modified: qtwebchannel (modified content)
    modified: qtwebengine (modified content)
    modified: qtwebkit-examples (modified content)
    modified: qtwinextras (modified content)
    modified: qtx11extras (modified content)
    modified: qtxmlpatterns (modified content)

    Each of these folders have the same staged deleted files. (I've reset and checked out files in qtgraphicaleffects which is why it isn't showing in the above list).

    Thanks for any help. It seems like a new step has been introduced and I'm missing it.

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    [quote author="Babalas" date="1424348900"]Trying to compile on linux and I'm running into an issue with QtGraphicalEffect.[/quote]What is the issue?

    Did you make sure you checked out all git submodules to the same tag? The latest commits might have conflicts, so don't build with the latest unless you want to test a new feature, for example.

  • The issue is that those listed folders are empty.

    Found a workaround
    @git submodule update --force --recursive@

    Checks out everything to specific commits rather than whatever init-repository is doing.

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