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Errors just launching QtCreator

  • Hi everybody.
    I'm new on Qt. I've just downloaded and installed Qt Creator 3.3.0 for Windows (based on Qt 5.4.0).
    When I launch Qt Creator the first error messages are plugin loader messages:

    • CMakeProjectManager says that cannot load plugin because dependency failed to load: Designer(3.3.0).
      Reason: Could not resolve dependency "ResourceEditor(3.3.0)'

    • Designer says Could not resolve dependency 'ResourceEditor(3.3.0)'.

    Similar to these errors occur for Ios, QmakeAndroidSupport, QmakeProjectManager and Qnx.

    Anyway, I press Continue.

    I go to Tools->Options to see the Build & Run setup and everything seems to be Ok. The Kits have been detected automatically, Qt Versions, Compilers and Debuggers as well.

    A last question. I'd like to build applications with Qt by using ITK/VTK libraries. Which kind of project should I choose? Qt Creater only offers me:

    • Other project
    • Non-Qt project
    • Import Project

    Sincerely, I appreciate a lot any help.
    Kind regards.

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