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QUdpSocket data loss using threads

  • Hi all,

    I have been using QUdpSocket for a while now and we have legacy code that reimplements QThread. I converted the code so that I have a QObject named UDPServer that is passed to a QThread and executes it's event loop. Everything there works great. The problem I face is that the device I am communicating with bursts data packets, so I can a large chunk of UDP packets in a short period of time. I get significant data loss even with a large UDP buffer (using WinSock setsockopt). Here is what the architecture looks like:

    QThread 1:
    Running the event loop for the UDPServer which contains the QUDPSocket

    QThread 2:
    Running the event loop for FileWriter (Basically writes the data to a file when signalled from the UDPServer)

    The UDPServer stores x number of data packets before signalling the FileWriter to write to a file. This is to decrease overhead and have burst writes. I basically toggle between two receive buffers and once one is full, send that off to be written.

    Here are my questions:
    In the UDPServer, the QUDPSocket readyReady signal is connected to slotReadReady(). In there we use the same code as the QUDOSocket example:

    while( m_p_UDPSocket->hasPendingDatagrams() ) {
    // Process the data

    Is the while loop blocking the QUDPSocket from getting more data packets since it is in the same thread? Does anyone know of a good approach to a high performance QUDPSocket receiver?

    Thank you for taking the time to read all of this, it's a lot :)

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