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[Solved] How can I share data between a class and a wizard page

  • Hi,

    I am making a wizard app. Until now, I was passing some information between wizardpages using registerfield. For other information with no widgets I passed this information registering new properties with Q_PROPERTY and then passing the wizardpage as the widget, but now I need to do some background work. For that I created a Worker class like this:

    class Worker : public QObject

    And I call it like this:
    thread = new QThread();
    worker = new Worker;

    connect(this, SIGNAL(RequestJson()),worker, SLOT(doJsonRequest()));


    So in the worker I have the next slot:
    void Worker::doJsonRequest()

    [...]// do JSon request and get a QString with the information

    Until here its all ok but... Once I have that QString on doJsonRequest(), how can I use it in my wizardpage or access to it?? The worker class isn't a wizardpage so I can't use registerfield.... O.o

    Thank you.

  • Solved. Sorry for that silly question.

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