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Invert ListView without filling the ListView from the bottom

  • I want a ListView to invert the order of its items, so that the most recent item is at the top. I tried to achieve this using verticalLayoutDirection: ListView.BottomToTop, but it makes the ListView fill up from the bottom (as to be expected, I guess).

    Here's the code:
    id: theList

        left: parent.left
        top: theAboveList.bottom
        right: parent.right
        bottom: parent.bottom
    model: theModel
    delegate: theDelegate {}
    verticalLayoutDirection: ListView.BottomToTop
    clip: true


    Sorry, the stupid forum software won't let me post a screenshot, becaus it thinks URL == spam. Congrats on that strike of genius.

    How can I invert the ListView's item order and still have it fill from top to bottom? The cleaner, the better.

  • Hm....

    I think will be simple if you use invert model for ListView. For example if you have a model like (JSON):
    {"name":"Item1", ....},
    {"name":"Item2", ....},
    {"name":"Item3", ....}

    you need to crate another array with structure:
    {"name":"Item3", ....},
    {"name":"Item2", ....},
    {"name":"Item1", ....}

    And then use it in your ListView.

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