Qt Creator 3.3.0 + CentOS 6 + GDB 7.8 = Bug?

  • I have Qt Creator 3.3.0 + CentOS 6 + GDB 7.8 configuration. GDB works perfectly from command line. However, Qt Creator hangs when I try to step in. It writes following message after 40 seconds:

    bq. The gdb process has not responded to a command within 40 second(s). This could mean it is stuck in an endless loop or taking longer than expected to perform the operation.
    You can choose between waiting longer or aborting debugging

    Is there any workaround? If GDB works good from command line with the same executable, why is doesn't work with Qt IDE?

  • The executable alone is not the only variable in this game, but also which kind of commands GDB is asked to perform. And this is very likely different in a Qt Creator session to what you tried to in your manual session.

    To see which GDB commands Qt Creator executes precisely, open Windows->Views->Debugger Log, and have a look at the left pane. You should be able to cut&paste that into a standalone gdb -i mi session, which I would not expect to react within 40 seconds either.

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