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Print screen key doesn't work on Ubuntu when a Qt app's menus are open

  • I am using Ubuntu 14.04 with the standard Ubuntu desktop. When I open Qt Creator or any app created with Qt, I can take a screenshot just fine: until I open the menus. This doesn't seem to happen with apps written with other libraries (although the menu in the resulting picture is semi-transparent, but at least I can read the text of the menu items).

    The reason I need to do this is because when I am translating something in Qt Linguist, a lot of items have to be translated which refer to menu items. If you didn't translate those yourself, you end up constantly going back to the app to try to hunt down what the other translator(s) have called the menu items. Taking a screen shot would make things much easier for me (e.g. I could print it out and use it as a reference when translating).

    It seems that the menus grab all of the keyboard input, parse just the shortcut keys and maybe Esc and Enter, but nothing else gets passed back up to the window manager.

    Is there a setting where this can be changed?

  • bq. Is there a setting where this can be changed?

    Anybody know?

    (just a simple yes or no ...)

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