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Deploying multiple apps at once to Android with Qt Creator

  • Hi all,

    Host: Qt Creator 3.3.0 on Windows, Qt 5.4.0, NDK 10d
    Device: Android 4.4.2 x86

    Subject says it all - how to do it?

    My project contains one library and two dependent example apps. They all compile fine, and can be successfully deployed, as long as they are single projects. The following configuration won't work, unfortunately:

    TEMPLATE = subdirs
    CONFIG += ordered

    simpleplot.depends = src
    quickexample.depends = src

    I played with 'ordered', commented all or parts of the lines containing 'depends' statements to no avail. What happens is, that only the 'simpleplot' example becomes installed, at times with strange side effects as:

    -The installed app is'nt always 'simpleplot' (save the name) but actually quickexample-

    The app crashes immediately (even deinstalling and rebuild + deployment doesn't help)

    (2) doesn't happen if "Clean Temporary Libraries Directory on Device" is pressed in Creators Run settings

    1. and 3) don't happen always, but 1) does.

    What certainly works is to comment out one of the app projects completely in the pro file from above. But how can I install both apps?

    edit: OK, (1) was my mistake and redundant. But the fact, that only one app installs remains.

    edi(2): What I found in the meantime, are command lines like this one:

    (...) /bin/i686-linux-android-g++ --sysroot=C:\android\ndk\10d/platforms/android-19/arch-x86/ -Wl,-soname, -Wl, (...)

    Similarly ''. So the thing builds libraries and mixes them to some master app in spite of TEMPLATE=app in every pro and pri file for the application subprojects.

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