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Is not this not doable yet?

  • Hi

    Is there a way to override the behaviour of QDockWidget splitter? Is there a way to disable it? I want to do custom resize of widget so that it does not resize until release of the splitter not while dragging it.


  • I think that is a feature of the QSplitterHandle called opaque resize. set by calling setOpaqueResize()

    You subclass the QSplitterHandle to make your own behaviours.

  • Ok and how do I get the QSplitterHandle for the docked widget?

  • OK so how did you split the docked widget in the first place?

  • I don't, when it's docked the main window creates the splitter internally...

  • Ah I see, maybe we need bit more information about what this docked widget looks like. A code snippet to create it or an image of the window with the widget would help.

  • QDockWidget when it's docked in the main window.

    Anyway I'm working on solution to mimic the none opaque resizing of docked widgets...when it's working complete I will post method and some code.

  • Finally got it! It involves no change in source code. Just used some trick to disable resize event and call my own custom resize.

    I hope this feature implemented in next releases, it should be trivial thing...


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