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How to migrate a project developed under Borland C ++ Builder 5 to Qt

  • Good Morning

    Intern at a company, I would like to migrate a project developed under Borland C ++ Builder 5 to another IDE (Qt or VS), also have your opinion on the feasibility and the different phases that you could advise me,

    I began to focus on converting borland c ++ to Qt, initially VCL -> Ui (Qt), already tried DFM2QT but converts 1/4 of all Dfm files to Ui files - QT
    So I come to you to offer me yours opinions, ideas, experiences ...

    Thank you in advance !!

  • Wow... sounds like a big job. How many dfms?

    I have not tried to do what you are doing but frankly I think the UI paradigm is similar but implemented differently. I mean both dfm and Qt ui files are similar but the components and setup of each component is different.

    Then there is the signal/slot thing. I used Delphi for years and I think C++ Builder is the same. Each button or control can be connected through a method and generally Builder & Delphi seem to send "Sender" arguments. I have not seen the same calling method in Qt and the signals/slots seem quite a bit more powerful.

    I think your best approach, depending upon the size of the project would be to recode the dfm related stuff mostly by hand in Qt. That way you can address each control and make sure it is done right. While this in theory should give you a reasonably close UI if you have hundreds of dfms then you are in for a long haul.

    Whatever approach you take I'd recommend that you move the code to some kind of a paradigm like MVC. As you convert/recode or whatever try to get things segregated so your interface (view) is relatively pure. Move most code to your controller and model.

    I'm sorry I don't have more advice. I've never tried such a conversion.

  • thank you for your quick response

    but now I am working on a small part of the solution, which contains about 1000 dfms files, it's much, I admit

    but we prefer to let the manual changes of last resort; I agree with you as I have read in various forums that it is not recommended to use the conversion tools.

    In terms of the Borland C ++ editor, I don'tt know if you had the opportunity to work on it, is there a Qt module that can be integrated to this one?

  • I don't believe there is anything for Qt in Borland Builder. I have used this many years ago and didn't know they were still around. Qt did have a makespec for the Borland compiler prior to version Qt 4.x by the way.

  • Good morning

    In general, A migration project done in a compiler to another needs different phases
    Apart the conversion of the code (dfm, cpp, hpp, ...), I would like to know the different phases and good ways to do a migration in general, also know which phases that could be critical in this process

    Thanks !

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